Well, we all know one hand can’t clap, its all about collective responsibility. Enough of blogs and people saying and pointing things men don’t understand about women, hey there..there are just as many things women don’t understand about men. Did we pointed out as openly as you guys? No, its because we just never question or care enough. But today we will answer what makes us so different, what makes us so damn perfect 😉

  1. We can’t remember shit

We have priorities, like dozens of them. We have to remember to sign up for the free trial of netflix the moment we reach home from office, which hot girl’s facebook profile we have to check out, whether we have ample stock of beer in the fridge or not. Of course we can remember many a thing. But when it comes to your second birthday in your School certificate or what you were wearing on our fifth date, well…


  1. We are passionate about our gadgets

We like smartphone, gaming console, wires, buttons all of them. We call them sexy, sometimes cute. Even if it’s the most useless shit for you or others without any taste for technology, we want it and will spend hours playing with it. Maybe on our date as well. So what? We love them.


  1. We have never heard about cleanliness

We leave our dirty socks on the floor, there are science experiments in our refrigerators, and the hair in the bathroom soap is aging to white from black. You call it “disgusting,” we call it “being at home.”


  1. We don’t need any help

You wanted a guy who is well-educated, financially successful, handsome, funny, witty, generous. You want a 10. We are the one. We can do everything ourselves just a little more time needed.


  1. We Don’t Think About The Future

Yes we think of it but we don’t and cannot overthink it the way you do. We cannot imagine what’s going to happen tomorrow, that’s your zone. Most of us want to be successful, but we’re more focused on what we can do right now to achieve those things. Rather than scripting what we would do on our 70th anniversary night, we would prefer making this anniversary special(don’t ask us how).


  1. Why We Hate Shopping So Much

Ever seen ads or movies in which they show men having an impulsive great time shopping? We could have done something better the entire time you take to decide a pair of clothes for you. Just pick the goddamn anything, you would anyways look beautiful with(out) them.


  1. We have a bad dressing sense.

No we don’t have enough time to pick the right tie that would match with my shirt or pant. It’s boring. Girlish. And annoying. We can’t buy one too, its expensive. And yes, I am again not wearing that pink shirt you gifted.


  1. Let’s have sex.

What’s not to get? We are honest. Sex is awesome.


  1. We don’t know how to stay organised

Hey, things move around down there. Pick up the glass from the table and all kinds of shit like that. Spare me the eye roll. You try walking around with that, see how you start liking it.


  1. Being abusive

It’s an expression not a reference. We don’t understand why women can’t understand how great it is to say,”phone rakh bhos**ke” than “i would talk to you later”.


  1. We are Possessive

We like you. “You are mine” we mean it when we say this. Talking about your classmate being handsome and having a great dressing sense isn’t so bad, but us liking the pic of that sexy friend of yours in fb is? That bugs the shit out of us, no matter how enlightened we are.


  1. Us getting angry when you are upset

This isn’t bad at all. We used to cry for pretty much everything in our childhood. We have grown up to be like this, you can blame society, but men convert all negative emotions into anger. By adulthood, most of us can tame it down and keep it safe at our inner door’s as long as there are good things to talk. You really don’t want to open that door.