This article is a dedication to all the ‘ladies’ who travel in the lifeline of Mumbai – ‘Local Trains’.

It is called the city’s lifeline for a reason. The number of passengers they carry every day is larger than the population of some countries. It is the cheapest and most convenient mode of travelling in Mumbai. It has been almost ten years since I am travelling in train, second class ladies coach. I feel elated for many things about ladies coach and also laugh for may incidents that happen amidst the travel in ladies coach. Let me take you to journey of train, enable you meet the various ladies in the local and many more things. I Wish you all a very Happy Journey.

It is 8 a.m., Announcement ‘The train arriving on platform no. 4 is slow local for Mumbai CST…’Aree run run or I will miss my train’, a noise from the crowd comes. We hear this all the time when the train has almost arrived the platform. Males, be aware the ladies might push you and make way for them so that they reach the platform by the time train halts. All this happens in less than a minute. Right? Yes.
The train has come and there is huge noise, ‘chala patkan utra, patkan’ (get down fast). If you assume you will get down easily then let me correct you, you may risk your handbag, dupatta, your hairs, valuables or even yourself as there are high chances of you getting stuck between the iron pole at the door. Why? The push from the ladies behind you can make this happen. If you are unlucky and any of the above things tangles at the pole, be ready for the abuses. There would be almost no one who would help you come out of the pressure from behind and your struggle to get your things or even yourself back. Are you thinking as to ‘How can ladies be so inhuman’? They are left with no choice, the pressure of the other ladies succumb them and the rut follows. The ladies coach are the best example of self-defense, you are on your own (most of the times). 
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When you try to get on the train there is another moment of struggle. Why? There would be ladies who would keep standing at the door, reluctant to move away or make even little space for the new entrants to get in. The moment the train leaves any station you would always hear abuses or at least “arre, pudhe vya” (go ahead) or “arrrrreeee andar chalo”. Even when you manage to go inside and some how go near the seats, you will see ladies asking the seated ladies the station as to which station they are getting down at. Why? They badly want to sit. How can one travel for minimum half and hour journey in such a crowd, standing?

Most of us would have come across the below-mentioned categories of ladies in the train:

1. Sleepy:

They are the ones who would sleep all the time. Most peaceful ones and I feel pity as they must not have slept at home or household makes them too tired to sleep even at the start of the day. Maybe they are just too lazy…hahaha. They would annoy you when they unknowingly fall on your shoulder while asleep and they just cannot control it even when you tell them to. 

2. Amid Readers:

They are keen in reading and would keep reading something or the other, come what may. Ah, that’s great, isn’t it? Why waste time when half of your time in this city goes in travelling? Many girls make groups and study for their exams, why go to the library where one has to observe silence? Catch a local.

3. Lets fight:

This category of ladies would scream and fight till they reach their destination station. They would give you that scary look even when you happen to push them accidentally or because of the crowd you could not balance yourself. Yes, they would let you know who you are only by a slight push.They would give a conclusion about your manners and why forget the ‘sanskar’ line? They make a mess out of your day. We all have seen women beating each other, pulling each others hairs in the train. Get a room ladies. Why do they do this? Is it so grave? NO..It is their frustration and their zero tolerance level. I sharply remember an incident when I was standing in train that started from Thane and a lady who was ‘seated’ told me to get aside because she could not get the air from the fan which was above me, she yelled ‘only’ because of the fan.

4. I Love Music:

They would either wear their earphones or put headphones. Plug in your earphones, ignore the world.

5. Never Adjusting:

Dare you to tell them to shift to get your part of the seat and you will be a victim of their acting skills. Acting skills? They would pretend that they are shifting for you but would just shrug their body and would never shift. Some would simply tell you “Jaaga kuthe aahe shift vyachi” (Where is the place to shift) Ironically when these ladies happen to have their ‘complete’ seat they would nag you to shift and would also tell you that the train does not belong to your father or there is AMPLE space but YOU refuse to adjust. Really? Oh, I see!!!

6. Moving house:

This is something we should all applaud. These are the ladies who would buy vegetables before getting on the train and would chop them in the train. What a great example of time management. We all want to do this but the problem of less or no space hardly allow us to do it. Still, I applaud for them.

7. I love shopping:

The locals are a small flea market. Amazed? You would see vendors coming to sell vegetables, clips, nail paints, hair bands, bangles, earrings, folders, key chains and what not that too at very cheap price. All of us would have bought something at least once. I bet it is a good experience. Try it. You should not be surprised when I would say many of them buy most of the things only from the train. Again, that’s time management.

8. Helpful:

Not to forget, there are good people failing which world would have come to an end. These ladies would help you out in case you fall sick or offer you their seat on noticing that you are standing since a long time. You would never feel that you are travelling alone or the city is bad till such ladies exist.

‘Hum jo chalne lage, chalne lage hai ye raaste..manzil se behtar lagne lage hai ye raaste!’
You are missing a lot if in Mumbai you have not traveled by train. It is must take experience, be it for girls or boys. This city teaches you a lot and local trains?..A lot more! For a day, keep your car keys away, travel and catch the next local train…seriously you don’t need an odd-even out here. 😉