All you beautiful young ladies and all you young men who are in a dilemma whether she loves you, this one’s for you. We have all seen enough Bollywood “Hasi to Phasi”, “Palat kar dekha toh pyaar karti hai”..Does this really make sense? Let us be practical.

Being practical would also mean she ‘should’ tell you that she likes you. That is not quite practical all the time. We girls are bad in initiating love not because we are shy, we genuinely want to test the guy in all phases. If he passes most of them then there is a possibility, we may confront. However, hard guys may try it is actually difficult to judge a girl’s heart. The reason that I understand is many times we girls ourself are not sure of what we want, we love taking time to judge and in case of guys. Guys, you need patience. Nothing else would work.

The signs are quite intuitive only if she truly likes you ,few to mention could be:

  1. She gets angry and controlling: Yes, she might get extremely angry and controlling over small things. Don’t take it otherwise because by doing this she is displaying an interest in a man’s life, and striving to improve that existence. More than the guy himself, she is committed to making a difference and wants to play a large role in “her man’s” life activities. She will not give up on you.

  2. She gives you chances: Even if she feels bad for something, she would relent or not even show that she felt so. She believes that you would repair things and situations and make them better for her.

  3. Her extreme care for you: The word ‘extreme’ is important because normal care should never be misunderstood that she’s falling for you. If you get “Hi, how are you” text many times during the day when you are not keeping well. Well, la-la-la-la-la..

  4. She looks at you continuously: If you guys are having even a general conversation and she gets lost in you, looking at you for longer duration. Maybe she finds you , your soul upright.

  5. She stands up for you always: Commonly most of us stand for each other, but you would come to know if she is ‘hurt’ if people point fingers at you.

  6. She trusts you: If you promise moon to her (which is a hyperbole) she would trust you, she believes in your ideas, your soul even when the entire world is frowning on you. What are waiting for then? Go get her.

  7. She shares everything with you: However silly the talks may seem to you; she would not let you go till she is done being a chatterbox. She empties her heart in front of you.

  8. She is keen in your whereabouts: She would not only ensure you listen to her, she would wholeheartedly listen to you and would love to be updated about the happenings in your daily life. If you are introvert types she would seek different to make you speak your heart. Remember, she never gives up on you?

  9. Anger transfer process: Yes, ironically she would peel off her anger on you. Be it her irritating boss who made her feel worse or the autowala who refused to take her to a place; she would shed her anger on you. Next time she’s red, not necessarily your fault. Do not get furious, instead, pacify her.

  10. She cannot live without you: She might get mad at you for not calling her up or any petty thing. She cannot live without you being there for her. This is a sign that a girl is definitely thinking you throughout most of her day.

  11. She gets you gifts or makes you things: A woman who really cares will find any excuse to prove that she has indeed been thinking about him and cares for him. A gift or something special made by her is a very sweet way for a girl to show her affections.

  12. She speaks the same “Language” as you: A girl who is serious about a guy will try speaking the same language as him and sharing the same jokes. Jokes could be inside jokes as well or a shared vocabulary, words whose meanings you both understand but no one else does.

  13. She behaves differently with you compared to others: By doing this she is trying to make an impression on you, and wants you to view her as a potential partner. She may try being more feminine, shy and a very good listener. This could be a clear indication she is trying to make you stop seeing her as “just a friend.”

Next time you find any of the above signs.Why to wait?? Just take her out and ask her. Take chances, what if she agrees? She’s your friend, she would surely not kick you if she does not love you. After all, love is nothing but friendship caught on fire.