Studies, who could escape them? Exams, pressure..everybody has walked through the same road. You may call it the most unfortunate part of your life, but you can’t escape it. Wikipedia says “Selective sustained attention, also known as focused attention, is the level of attention that produces the consistent results on a task over time. Some state that the average human attention span is approximately 5 minutes.” Yes we thought so. 😀

In those distracted minutes our mind takes us to various areas, and we tend to do some funny things we are unaware of. My personal experiences combined with those of my friends are:

  1. Staring : We tend to stare at the things we have around us. I have actually done a PHD on my pencil, Please..where is my reward?

  2. Sleep : One has not enjoyed studies till one has not dozed of while studying..“So gaya ye jahan, so gaya gayi hai saari manzile..”

  3. Scribling : While holding the pencil/pen all of a sudden M.F Husain within us rises and we make weird sketches (only we could make out what we have drawn, still I am glad !)and we say “Mom I write so much that the ink gets over in a day”..Naughty M.F Husain.

  4. Dreams : We enter the dreamland, let the books rest they are too tired looking at us..Haha..We dream of something that makes us happy, our loved ones, a memorable trip..hmmm…”Papa kehte hai bada naam karega, beta humara aisa kaam karega”..Poor dad.

  5. Revolving in various positions: Yes, while studying we unknowingly tend to sit/sleep in such position, that could be rib-tickling at times..ome friends of mine even had the habit of keeping their legs up and head down unknowingly..“Aaj mai upar, aasman niche.”

  6. Looking up: Mom asks “beta, I assume you are taking some lessons from the ceiling”..Haha, No mom I am just busy looking at the spy or the lizard up there. Lucky ones, they do not have to study!

  7. Murmuring songs: Some of us unknowingly get into our favourite character and we can not let songs go away from us. Imagine reading the golden rule of accounting “Debit what comes in, credit what….Hmmmm, Mai laila laila chillaunga kurta faad ke”..Hilarious, though we do not connect it many a times. This happens to many of us.

  8. Scratching head : Being in search of dandruff is my favorite pastime while I study. Mom says she assumes there is a treasure mine which I keep exploring on my scalp.Even if I do not pass, someday I will write an article on “Dandruff”

  9. Cramming a.ka. ‘Rattu tota’ : We all have a friend who cannot shut his mouth and study..they believe in memorising things with there renowned trick to concentrate- “parrot fashion”.
    “What goes…what goes…what goes….around…around…around…comes..comes..comes..comes..” Hahaha, crazy but poor friend that is the rank winning strategy.

Studies are a waste if you have not done any of the above things..Enjoy by observing yourself while you are studying a day before exam..I am sure you will laugh. Who knows you could bring us a competitor. Dare you!