“Stitching stars slowly,
On the blank pages as i sleep
tired eyes numb fingers,
i weave my own verse to dreams
This happens so rarely,
this feeling of peace
i wish this tiredness
finally leads me to sleep
And I decided to go with it
To not be chary or prudent,
to just fully embrace
where both my mind and body dregged me through this
I was surprised as
my eyes drifted closer
and my body became heavy
My mind wandered into your open arms
Your warmth spreading throughout me.
That it led me to your eyes, your hairs
To your hands catching hold of mine.
I delighted that my dreams,
dreams I rarely experience,
Were of your love,
The embrace was yours…
Of our touches.
I was smiling,
with this beautiful verse of dreams.
Had I known sleep could be this perfect
I would have fought harder for it..”