Whenever cold breeze taps my cheeks
It reminds me, yes you are here.
Whenever someone’s talks can’t even touch the beauty of your words
It reminds me I wish you were here.
Whenever in my deepest sorrows I have a word with you
The words you say, the words that fill me with the belief that things will be better
I crave that you were here.
Whenever my arms long to hug someone close enough to forget all the pains
The moment when you were close enough and reluctant to send me apart
Maybe that reluctance still binds me to you
How much I long and wish to be with you.
Whenever my wishes die, drenching my soul in tears
The only person who can fill my parched soul is you
My beloved, could you ever imagine how much I pray that you be here.
Whenever I see best friends together laughing, throwing tantrums, holding hands, having smiles
How proud I am just by the imagination that they are nothing in front of us
But how much I cry within dying to show you, we are better
How much I cry that you be here.
That little support, that little jokes, those small poems, those little words of wisdom, that basket full of love you have bestowed upon me
How much I cry that I could ever touch that basket
How much I try that you be here.