“Loud I was chirpy like a bird.. Dare I could even stop most insane word..

I performed the act of making people become nothing but a good listener in front of me..

Something happened that made my words paralysed Plethora of them I had but none had voice..

Tears fell amidst the soliloquy I performed..

Plethora of them I had none had voice..

Oh my love when you came in green how I suddenly found my words..

Chirpy again I was electrified I was I had a voice..

Plethora of them I had routed through my voice…

What a good listener you are

Your sparkling eyes did not even dare to turn away from me..

Plethora of words you had for me but you sacrificed your voice..

Happy I was..I was hypnotised oh my love you bought my lost smile..

The moment you went away that was the moment of absence..

But still it marks the presence of the soul of yours which is so divine..

I performed schmoozes of our meetings..

Amidst the dead sea you made my soul alive..

Plethora of tears I have but they fail to come..

Oh my love when the world is so mean..

my heart beats for my loved ones and they pretend to be numb to it..

You give me more than you could  and fill my heart divine..

Words fall short when write for you this lovely morning..

I promise my love for you will be like this morning.

Soothing cheerful and bright..

It will never be short as my words divine..”