Apparently, she was a glory.

The cage she lived in was so lonely, always protected

The holes in the cage ensured fresh air in for her

Was she happy to be inside?

Apparently she was for others, 

But she dreamt of flying someday.

A prince she wanted as she had read in the fairy tales

who would come, elope her and show her the beauty of freedom.

It happened just in stories,

she wished silently to create one such fairy tale.

One day a simple yet sharp boy

comes to her rescue, loves her tremendously.

Listening to her heartbeats

Knitting her stories in his mind

She called him best-friend, sometimes love

he called her a dream

His only dream was to fulfil her dreams 

She believed it happens only in fairy-tales

Maybe, she was wrong

Falling in love with him

was an embrace to freedom

In his arms she met her dreams..