In the silence of the Night,
She asked the floating rose,
What is Love?
Is it the twinkle in his eyes
when he, smiles at me?
Or is it when he makes wild love with me?
Is it his care, 
which he showers on me?
Or is it funny jokes,
Which he shares with me?
Is it when he knows,
What is right and wrong?
Or when he knows best,
How to make me feel strong?
Tell me oh rose, what is Love?
It is the strength you feel, 
When he is there?
And the way you blush, 
When he stares?
It is the way you feel freedom, 
Even in his grip?
And when you look into his eyes,
To Fall deep, 
It is the excitement you feel.
Every time you see him..
And also when you wait hours,
Just To meet with him. 
Love is what you feel for him..
And what he feels for you.. 
Love is when with every heartbeat, 
You know he is there,
He is always there with you….♥