‘Naani teri morni ko mor le gaye, baaki jo bacha tha kaale chor le gaye’..I still remember when all clapped while I danced on this song maybe at 4 years of age. A blurred memory shows me the sparkles in the eyes of my grandma while I performed this act. When at school my parents attended just to see me participating be it a small poem competition or a small skit, they were glorified to tell everyone “She’s our daughter”..I sharply remember my mom shedding tears when I danced wearing a pink frock on ‘Kaho na pyaar hai’ in fifth grade, too naive to understand I took it as a form of appreciation. Life runs faster than we can think of..’Right?’ Seriously, those were the days being young and special for everyone, we wish we could cuddle those days and get them back.

I have grown a lot faster than I ever imagined I would. It was then I realised my mom shouting at me for my mistakes, I feel alarmed as to something has changed.What had changed? I was supposed to be responsible now, take care of my so called own stuff, be it books, my cupboard, my shoes. Also, undergo the plague or distress when a girl climbs the ladder of being a girl i.e.mensuration, being alert all the time, having mood swings, hide things. I truly wished I was the girl in the pink frock dancing on ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai’.

Even to take a breath we have to give out one. Such is life, all about give and take. In childhood, I saw my mother wearing lipstick and I used to stick to her staring sometimes at the mirror but mostly looking at the way she applied it, there I wished how alluring it must be to grow up because I could wear such beautiful lipsticks, wear a dupatta. Little did I know I had to give away my milk teeth for these allures.

Yes, the sprouting process seems terrifying and uncertain, but there is so much to learn and absorb in this world. And believe it or not, there’s more to life than just partying, socializing and being free. Growing old is a beautiful thing and the real freedom comes with it. Here’s why:

  1. Growing up is a grace because we are now ready to let the infants around us feel and live their childhood. Playing with such adorable little cuties has its own charm than being just cute for others. 😉

  2. Growing up is being independent to take our decisions, take responsibility for our acts and deeds. You probably don’t have to depend on your parents or university to keep your stomach full now. 

  3. Growing up does not kill the child in us though many people do not let the child in them speak; we should let the good child in us speak for instance being honest, ripening our hobbies, however, small or silly they may appear to you.

  4. You get to know the people who they really are. When you are young the mind is like an empty canvas and as you grow up it gets painted beautifully with a painter called ‘time’. You become wise, get to know your priorities and can decide with whom you want to spend your time, and who is worth your time.

  5. As you grow older, you get to know yourself better. Remember the good old days when you used to think ‘I wanna meet myself as someone else just to see what it feels like being me’, you are almost close to this thought. You make your own decisions and realise what makes you happy and what not.

  6. With time comes social skills so now you can easily adapt to any change in your life.

Let us not feel unhappy because time is running as we are responsible grown ups now. Let us vow that with age we will spread love, happiness by helping each other and making the world better for our children, people we love or a helpless stranger around us. We become great by planting the trees, seeds of which we would not eat. Keep a green tree in your mind and perhaps the singing bird would come. Face the adulthood with pride and believe me when I say, “It’s beautiful.”