♦To begin with, you need an Initial Investment,
Aryabhatt said, let’s start with a ZERO,

Not Every story is about the Rising Star,
Newton made the falling apple the HERO.

People say, it’s all about the knowledge,
Einstein said, Imagination is more Important &
You need to start believing in yourself,
Because You can’t change, what You don’t acknowledge!!

You know what??
At times its just okay to take a while to hold on,
To actually open the curtains or let the fresh air in..

And in that particular while, while you continue
to imagine your journey in the upcoming next
mile of your life..
It’s so okay to let certain negativity inhibit too,
To allow certain discretion,
To not be totally optimistic, Coz you know it’s
never going to be all Perfect for always,
Coz probably Perfection is a Myth, & truth is,
this is Life & You ought to believe
in the Imperfections…!!!
And that’s how it’s meant to be… THE LIFE

The art of living with the Imperfections,
such that the destination at the end of this
journey so refuses to be so called..
And underrates the title of Perfection!!
And then, there you are, saying,
Now you actually know,
“It wasn’t ever about the failures & victories,
Neither about the medals or trophies
But just You and Your special bunch of
Imperfections you earned yourself..!! “
So proudly be IMPERFECT!!♦