Jiya ho Bihar ke lala jiya tu hazaar Saala.

Every state has its own culture and hence upbringing of a person varies from state to state. Its very easy for one to identify a person who belongs to his/her “herd” because of cultural similarities in their way of doing things. Like, if you are a Bihari you won’t need to make any hard effort identifying another Bihari you meet, but if you are not the first notion we all (non-bihari’s) have about them is their typical “kaisan ba” accent, their red lips because of excess chewing of paan, their otherwise ‘tharki’ yet hilarious songs, the list may go on depending on the proximity and the area.

Wikipedia says ” The Biharis is a demonym given to an Indo-Aryan ethno-linguistic group who live in the Indian state of Bihar and Jharkhand “

Born and bought up in Mumbai I always had the same stereotype about Biharis being perverts (being blunt thanks to Bhojpuri movies names and songs) and those paan chewing people. Are they really the way we think so? Is it fair to not be with a boy/girl just because he/she is a Bihari with that typical accent? The answer is NO.

Let me take you to the ride of benefits we miss when we choose to stay away from Biharis.

1. They are never alone

“Hum” aagye hai. You might look around and conclude its just him/her..where are the others? No, they respect themselves by addressing themselves as hum..So its more than two of you if you are with a bihari. 

sailors-all-hands-navy-military Perks of having a Bihari Bestfriend (Ek Bihari Sabpe Bhaari) Love & Life

HUM aagye hai

2. Helpful 

They would never step back when you need their help. Most of them are just a call away. Call them up and see to cross check after you finish reading the article.

3. Gender mismatch

However be their accent their language is sweet and simple to understand. They are soft spoken but they often mix genders..how? By saying ” Wo phone Ki thi”;  i instead of “Usne phone kiya tha” or “Wo Boli thi” instead of “Usne bola/kaha tha.” Haha. They would make the entire sentence feminine if it is for a girl and vice versa.. Simple way to remember right? 

4. Hardworking

 They are honest in whatever they do and do not give up easily. Also they work very hard because many of them are from small towns setting example for us to work harder.

5. Cuisines

You visit their homes and you would get to munch on finger licking chicken, litti chokha, dahi chuda and many more. Please do not forget to take me along. I am already hungry. Nomnomnom.

maxresdefault Perks of having a Bihari Bestfriend (Ek Bihari Sabpe Bhaari) Love & Life

litti choka

6. Extra loving moms

Most of them have extra loving moms who would not let anything happen to their “babu’s”. Bihari moms are extremely simple and sugary coated for their kids. Missing your mom? Go for a cup of tea at your bihari friend’s place and see mom’s magic. Atleast now take me along 😀

baby-boy-child-cute-40998 Perks of having a Bihari Bestfriend (Ek Bihari Sabpe Bhaari) Love & Life 7. You Understand Bhojpuri movies

Truly speaking I seek pride in flaunting that I know bhojpuri..All thanks to my Bihari friends gang (Shhh, I really know Bhojpuri…and I am not kidding) I know few songs and sing them along. Got a gang? Sing ‘Lollipop Laagelu’.

8. They can solve all Math problems you can’t!

The reason why you can find most of them at Kota , IITs , NITs , LBSNAA , SVBPNPA , NDA , IMA

9. They will always help you get out of Tricky situations

Whatever problem you have, they will come up with a brilliant idea in minutes.

 gamcha Perks of having a Bihari Bestfriend (Ek Bihari Sabpe Bhaari) Love & Life


10. Fun Loving

Yes you can take it in other sense too.ahem..But officially I mean they have a great sense of humor.  You can make fun of them, about they being from Bihar or just addressing them as Bihari, they would not really mind. (They are used to it, maybe).pexels-photo-54204 Perks of having a Bihari Bestfriend (Ek Bihari Sabpe Bhaari) Love & Life

Let us not make them feel less Indian or judge them by their caste just because you cannot take Bihar out of a Bihari. A Bihari will make him/her identifiable easily, you need not go through the pain.
But once you have “identified” them, try refraining from asking them dumb questions about Bihar or judging them with their English accent. Quite a many Bihari’s speak good English, so do not rely on catching from their English accent. Remember we also cannot take Gujarat out of Gujarathi, Rajasthan out of Rajasthani..I am in no mood to type all the states vis a vis the languages spoken..