It’s been a while, I have been living in the past,
My mind keeps wandering,
Through the roads that we had crossed.

U play hide and seek every now and then,
I see ur glimpses, I feel ur presence.
I keep looking for u, To see u once again,
But My search seems empty,
Without any end.

It leads me to the place, Where u were last seen,
I stand in the terrace and feel the breeze.

I think of the last seconds that u had breathed,
How could it happen, I still cannot believe.

I will keep looking for u,
Till the day I feel,
That u have returned Back to me.

We will star gaze once again,
I will get ur true love, ur hugs again.
I know I am being selfish, unreasonable over here,
But I would do anything to get u back
My dear…