“I’ve lived here for so long. No other place will seem like HOME.”

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There are some things in our life which establish a unique connection to our souls.

“Home’s where you go when you run out of homes.” ― John le Carré

Someone has very rightly said, “If you want to know someone, observe things which make them happy, things which make them sad and most importantly things which bring a tear to their eyes along with a smile on their face.” One of them to me is my Home.

My brother told me once, ‘A time comes in your life when you give up and let go of things which were once most special to you, not because you want to but you have to.’ A very practical advice but I never thought that it will come to me till I had to leave my home one day.

We all have been through this or will go through this. You might have to change your home due to career choices or marriage for girls. Leaving the place where we are born, learnt so many things about life, inculcated values, where we fought with siblings for the stupidest issues like it’s their turn to open the door, where I made and had the best relationships of my life. Where we laughed, where we cried, shakes me up. As they say, ‘Who has won against ‘Destiny?’ I also had to leave my home and move into my friend’s place due to need of career. I still cry when I recollect how much mother cried that day yet pretending to be strong. How I wished I could run and hug her tight enough to make her smile..how I wish.79737-quotes-about-missing-home THE GREATEST JOURNEYS ARE THE ONES THAT BRING YOU 'HOME' Love & Life                                                                    source

I am going to visit my home today to embrace those memories again. When I reach the gate of society, out of habit I salute to the watchman, and he out of habit asks, “kya sahib aaj office se jaldi aa gaye?” and within a second I realize that things have changed. He asks my whereabouts, I say all is well but deep inside my mind I know all is not well, I feel empty without HOME. 

I reach home, when I open the door a bunch of memories fall upon me hugging me tightly. It is where mother ran behind me when I threw tantrums for not eating because I disliked it. Where mother lifted me and kissed me with immense love even when I at times got irritated because of her extra love. How foolish I was I think now. I remember when I used to enter the home after office and feel proud of winning a war from traffic. Before I go and take some rest the loud and irritating voice of my sister in law, Sapan brother take bath first and then take rest. 

“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.”― George Moore

The first thing you see when you enter my home is the kitchen on your left. Oh, my dear kitchen you made mouth watering food for me, I am still nostalgic about, where I fought with my sister in law for small things especially when she was teaching me how to cook. I loved to irritate her, I still remember her angry face when she faced my pranks. 1a20c7d655ac853b2f294dfc3d47728d THE GREATEST JOURNEYS ARE THE ONES THAT BRING YOU 'HOME' Love & Life                                                                    source

“The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.” ― Maya Angelou

I still remember the joy on my brother’s and sister in law’s face when I showed them my first article on A Lump of Jaggery. My mother had tears though she did not understand my article much. Maybe I made her proud that day. 

I saw the TV space that empty space is the place where I had best fights of my life. I still remember how my and my sister in law fought with me for the daily soaps she craved to see but I could not dare miss the cricket match. 

Half-heartedly, I collected my stuff and packed it, but it seems I have much more than just a bag. I took away material things but what about memories?? They had to be left there, the fragrance of HOME that pulled me towards it, the love..had be to left.

Yes, we all have shifted to different cities due to our careers but I know someday they also come back and recollect all the things the way I did. Hence I list down the Perks of Staying At Home (Count it as a Blessing Thrice)

  1. Family is which drives you crazy, which drives you annoyed but most importantly..IT DRIVES YOU.Minion-Quote-Home-is THE GREATEST JOURNEYS ARE THE ONES THAT BRING YOU 'HOME' Love & Life                                                                  source
  2. You need not worry about many of your routine needs say food or clothes, they are taken care of by mother or someone else.fc4d7989d52b9457aa1ef3abca818bb3 THE GREATEST JOURNEYS ARE THE ONES THAT BRING YOU 'HOME' Love & Life                                                                    source
  3.  Home is where you are welcomed, come what may. There is no peace in the entire world as that of being at home. As the Hindi proverb goes ‘लौट के बुद्धू घर को आये3-My-Boss-Told-Me-to-Have-a-Good-Day-So-I-Went-Home THE GREATEST JOURNEYS ARE THE ONES THAT BRING YOU 'HOME' Love & Life                                                                    source
  4. It is where you are acceptable, even if you fail in Life or anything. Your emotional needs are met the most at home.JW-home-quote THE GREATEST JOURNEYS ARE THE ONES THAT BRING YOU 'HOME' Love & Life                                                                source
  5.  Sleeping In as much as we want to. Remember weekends?? sleeping-baby-009 THE GREATEST JOURNEYS ARE THE ONES THAT BRING YOU 'HOME' Love & Life
  6. Your so called stuffs are your own, no sharing as in that with your roommates.
  7.  You need not generally pay all the bills.0511-1106-2111-5554_Person_at_Mailbox_with_Lots_of_Bills_to_be_Paid_clipart_image THE GREATEST JOURNEYS ARE THE ONES THAT BRING YOU 'HOME' Love & Life                                                           source
  8. The real endearment for freedom comes when you have stayed at home. Remember when parents go out?Children%20Having%20Fun%20Runner%20Up%20(Alex%20Coghlan)_jpg THE GREATEST JOURNEYS ARE THE ONES THAT BRING YOU 'HOME' Love & Life                                                           source

You may call me a ‘homesick’ but it’s not only the place but also the time I spent with my family, the unforgettable memories that makes me full of emotions, Home is where I was ME, that makes me nostalgic.

I see people searching for happiness in the outside world but they don’t realize it is within you and the only way to see it is by sharing it with others like sharing such small moments which becomes one of the best memories. Home is not an object it is a PERSON.


Finally this beautiful song that brings goosebumps to me is ‘GHAR YAAD AATA HAI MUJHE’


Special thanks to Aanchal Mahajan

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