Before the very origin of a girl child, a curse is bestowed and their harmless eyes stare into the Satan’s who have their wicked smiles on this birth. Those who are fortunate live a happily ever after and those who are not, live a life that no one ever dreamt of. A life so deadly that she wishes she weren’t born in the first place. 

All they could do was twinkle, smile, giggle, laugh and sleep. This was their lives during the inception and it has become stiffer since then. They lived in a big building-like house thinking it’s their home, but was it? Or it was the set up for their foreseeable future. They were sure handed with basic education books, but weren’t guaranteed to be well educated. They were very small and didn’t realise the moaning they overheard from the other side of the door while they sat outside with the book in their hands was their fate. They smiled at the male’s face when he appeared with a fully satisfied face and he replied “When are you going to make us happy?” her confused face made him have an evil laugh; he then handed over a bunch to the lady who was inside and left. Her blurred thoughts fixed to her brain thinking what that man trying to say, her face underwent a sense of fear and she started losing the sparkle in her eyes.  Time swayed and she reached her adolescence; she appeared to be a beautiful and alluring brat.

Like it’s said, some are fortunate and stamped as accepted, but a vast count of the wretched are sold, their flesh is out in the market. “You have to make them happy, then you shall actually earn”, she got this in her mind. She needed money, money to be free, to live, to eat, and to survive. She questioned, what happens inside the room? What should I do now? The lady replied, do what the man wishes for, it may pain but you will get habitual and the pay is more than the efforts. Initially it caused her fragile heart to grieve, finding paths to get away from those miserable nights, getting abused by the possessor but eventually her fantasies and anticipations died, the smile withered away and her soul died from within in a gradual manner. She got exploited, her fresh and untouched body became mere flesh to relish, she was no more the master of her life, no more giggles and laughs, only emptiness. But the era passed and the sole reason of beating of her heart became the pennies, the quantum she received on those dark and fierce nights kept her alive and going. ‘This is life’, she said and kept herself pulled together and this became her life. She never stepped out of the four loathsome walls but her smile came back again, not because she got her precious life again, but the aroma of the green notes in her hands and she reckoned that it was a great mode of earning and she lived with it. We cannot say she didn’t put her efforts enough to get out of this never-ending trap, she did, but it wasn’t beneficial enough so she halted and never tried again because she knew the world was ruthless.

She then became the lady whose moaning was overheard by a little sweet girl with deep innocent eyes sitting outside the room with a book in her hands trying to dream, trying to see herself in a school, in a well-dressed pair of clothes, in a big house living a lavish life . What was her fault? Just another girl who wished a life, who wished for money? The destitution got her there, her needs and wants made her stay and the money fulfilling them made her keep going. They never get mated, they live this life and this vicious circle goes on. The little girl becomes that lady in the room, goes through the harsh patch and just wishes if she was never born. It’s the social evil, the never ending trap.