“The trees go backward or head towards my Destination,

I fail to understand?

All I know is that I want you to be on every road I move to

Being the tree giving me the soothing air that would come through the entire travel

Being the road that would take me to my destination

Being the traffic occasionally that would keep me waiting, eager to see my destination

Being each ray of sunlight which would fall on me,

Make me realize that the dark night has gone and a little promise that each ray would be with me entire time

You be each drop of water when the clouds are overwhelmed and pour on me

When I shiver in cold you would embrace me with your warmth

I would then give a mediocre smile let you be mine when u perform the act.

Your ever growing love makes me pure

Amidst the travel when the darkness scatters, you be my blanket of protection

Those footsteps that would never move without the assurance of my footsteps being parallel

Today when I start the journey again and the trees go behind,

I become even more eager to see my destination, to see YOU.”  🙂