We all know chicken lay eggs, the egg will hatch a chicken then the chicken will lay another egg and it goes on (we also know they make love to lay egg, “how?” is beyond the scope). The question remains what came first the chicken or the egg?

This topic reminds me of Vivek, my best friend whom we out of our deep love call “Murgi” as “HE” has got the talent to mimic the voice of a chicken. When I ask him “It’s a question of your life, who came first? The chicken or the egg?” He went numb for few seconds, I expected him to say something serious or logical. He replied “Till now it’s only me (chicken) I am still single (girls may take a note) so there is no scope of an egg yet. So the answer is “it is not the egg or the chicken who came first but the MALE Chicken came first.” 

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As per dictionary the word ‘chicken’ comes before ‘egg’.

Chicken is costlier than egg so considering the hype chicken must have come first.

Let’s see what few prominent figures have to say about this:

Gandhi: “Whoever come first both must come peacefully.”

Sundar Pichai(Google’s CEO): “Keyword ‘chicken’ returns 52 crore search results and ‘egg’ returns 40 crore. Definitely chicken came first.” Remember ‘hype’?

Himesh Reshamiya: “The first time I went on stage; people threw eggs on me. So I would say, the egg came first.”

Arvind Kejriwal: “Pehle main aaya ji, aam aadmi sabse pehle aata hai. Chicken aur egg ko bich me lana Modi ji ki saajish hai.”

Manmohan Singh: ” “

Narendra Modi: “Doesn’t matter who came first, they both will go together.” Remember, ‘ban’.

Boss: “I do not have the time to answer this stupid question, go to your desk and do your work.”

I am no body to conclude who came first. I am here to remind the female viewers that I have a best friend named Vivek who is single and has got a good sense of humour. Yes this article was sponsored. 🙁