“Sometimes I want to scream and shout,
Sometimes I just to cut all voices out;

Sometimes I am selfish for my self as no one cares,
Sometimes caring for someone even if they don’t even give a stare;

Sometimes I flirt and tell lies wanting them to trust,
Sometimes not doing the right things just even if it will be fair and just;

Sometimes I speak for people helping them in a struggle
When it comes to me, I let the truth lose because the relationship is important;

Sometimes I take it from the circle that I am still not worth,
Sometimes making them realize the truth, not giving them a chance to break my gut;

People always ask me why I do this and why not that,
I just smile and say my life goes just like that;

Within all the fake and lies, someone asked me what is the truth,
I couldn’t answer her questions even if I claim my life to be an open book;

Now she also thinks that I am fake,
And poor me who is tired of explaining still waiting for the ice to break;

Who can make her understand this complex subject and its flaws,
Make her realize that I am there if she really wants to know

Sometimes I thought a video will change my life, sometimes a blog will do
I am just too dumb to understand that nothing will change it unless I do

Finally when I gave up sense, stopped differentiating right and wrong,
Life gave a laugh and changed the rules again breaking the convention and making me strong.”