Don’t be afraid of death; be afraid of an unlived life. You don’t have to live forever, you just have to live.” -Natalie Babbitt


‘Aanewala pal jaanewala hai, ho sake to isme zindagi bita do pal jo ye janewala hai..’

Some of the songs really prick you right in your heart. I was listening to them and here I decide to write on what is the real purpose of life?

Our teacher once asked us this question majority said it is Making Money.

Yes, they are right when you have money only then you are respected, a person having no money is often abhorred. Imagine money is your purpose of life. I truly wish you become a billionaire soon. What if you are left only with money? It would make us untroubled for few years.What comes then? If you ask me I would write reasons why I do not want to be a billionaire citing few would be:

– Having more time for the people I love.

– Seeking contentment in small things in life

– Making peace with myself and the list goes on and it is noticeably subjective.

Money is very important but let us not make it the purpose of life, try love.

872e5506777d045514942dd1d4206f3f When the purpose of life is changing every day, these 7 simple tips will help you add love, happiness and meaning to life Love & Life Most Read

Continuing the question of my teacher many of us said “Sir, making my parents happy is the purpose of my life”

Taking the example of smallest thing say your hair brush, what is its purpose? To brush your hairs, untangle the tangles. It does not complain that it has to sit in the drawer after its work is done because it knows its purpose is to comb your hairs. We are human beings and constantly have ever changing thoughts. That is no excuse that we do not explore what is the real purpose of life. We are all and should always be bound by the feeling that we owe a lot to our peers and parents, we should not turn back when it is our time to repay. Yes I am not wrong when I use the word ‘repay’ though the love and acts of our peers cannot be restored and it is selfless; that should be the greatest lesson we should learn to repay being equally selfless..‘Ho khuda pe bhi asar, tu duaon ka hai ghar..meri maa’

Next reply was “Finding peace”

Inner voice calls you, many of us suppress the voice. Does it die? No, it just goes silent.

What would be the diamonds to you when it does not give you peace? makes you worrisome?

Anything that gives you peace, makes you forget to eat, makes you passionate should be the real purpose of life. Remember the example of a hair brush? We are all born for a reason, let us fit in the drawers made for us and make peace with it.
7c295350c95106fb38b387af7caadc7e When the purpose of life is changing every day, these 7 simple tips will help you add love, happiness and meaning to life Love & Life Most Read

If you’re someone like me, you might find it difficult to balance the urge to do so much in life or to just give up altogether. How can we take a step back and put things into perspective?

Well, it’s never too late, let me pen down the thoughts that may bring a positive change in your life and add meaning to it:

  1. Spread and express love: Love is a big word, but very easy to give. Try a warm smile, a hug, a kiss on the forehead, a small text SMS, holding the hand of the needy. The greatest gift you can give someone is your love and attention. Even the smallest conversation can make someone’s day. People will forget many things, but they will always remember how others made them feel.

  2. Helping: No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted. Haven’t we all seen that enormous line of little ants? What a great example of teamwork and help. We human beings are blessed to have greatest minds then why not learn to help each other from the ants? 

  3. Never judge someone: “We can judge others or we can love others, but we can’t do both at the same time.” -Unknown

    We all have the power to recognize pain in others and offer compassion instead of judgment Let’s do so we can help them in need, instead of forming a wrong perception about them by our own judgment. Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. We all have our hardships and struggle which may seem less to you, but how much you can handle will vastly differ than what someone else can handle. Love, help, be yourself and give others the space to be themselves.

  4. Never give up: Yes, sometimes whatever we have done isn’t enough to take us to our goals. We may face failures, but think where you went wrong and ride the boat again. Never make a life changing a decision when you are upset. How you think in a happy mood will be completely different to how you think in a low mood. Recognize what’s the best mood to make a decision. In the height of emotion, it is easy to choose the perceived easiest option. Hold off on this option, as it could be leading you back to what you don’t want.

  5. Learn to say ‘No’: Sometimes No could be a full sentence. Throughout my life, I have had a good relationship with the word yes. Yes has led me to beautiful, memorable experiences. Yes has brought me to things I love doing. Yes has made me happy whenever I had a chance to help other’s. But the light and wonder of the word yes also has a darker side. We are often quick to say yes and dive into tasks, jobs, and relationships when sometimes we should be saying no. Have a balanced relationship with the word No and life will be much simpler and lighter.

  6. Money is not the goal: Money is not the goal. Create meaningful experiences in life, materialistic experiences don’t last forever.

  7. Speak sugar but not false: Everyday is a history. What are we going to leave behind? We all want to be remembered so speak softly, being rude should never be the only way people define you. Leave behind good words along with good deeds. ‘Ek din bik jaaega maati k mol, jag me reh jaaenge pyaare tere bol.’

The purpose of life should be the one that makes us a better human being because life is too short to be a badass always. There is no excuse for not expressing your feelings to your loved ones today. There is no excuse for not saying thank you or sorry today. There is no excuse for not taking ten minutes of your time to help a needy. There is no excuse not to forgive someone who sincerely apologizes right now.

There is simply no good reason to postpone the important until tomorrow. Be someone’s shot of whiskey instead of being everyone’s cup of tea. You will never get more time in your life, so start to make changes now. 

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