Jabse tere naina mere naino se laage re tabse deewana hua, rab bhi deewana laage re..

You are in love, if you relate to all the romantic songs you listen to. That special someone is the constant song in your mind, the constant poem at your fingertips.

Of course, the key ingredient to any satisfying relationship is to be in love and that’s something we can’t guide you on. However, we can list you the following things you should NOT do in your first date or one of the many dates to follow in your Relationship.

These tips won’t get you the girl or guy on their own, but they’ll stop you from sinking your own ship unnecessarily.

  1. Multiple Personality: You are cheating him/her if you pretend to be someone else. Be yourself, even if you are tensed then its ok because romantic tension is part of the process. Jo haal dil ka udhar ho raha hai, wo haal dil ka idhar ho raha hai.
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  2. Being negative :People who are negative about their family, friends, career, etc., usually aren’t very happy people or much fun to be around. Stay positive. It’s easy to do and will make a big difference. Compliment him/her for the dress, it may be bad or something that doesn’t match with your tastes but still they have spent hours on deciding it and specially that’s something he/she has done for you. Badal rahi hai aaj zindagi ki chaal zara, Issi bahaane kyun naa main bhi dil ka haal zara, Sanwaar loon haaye sawaar loon.

  3. Speaking too much or too little : Out of excitement/happiness we tend to speak more. That is great until you do not allow your partner to speak. Speaking too less would give an indication that you are not interested in your partner or something else is bothering you. C’mon its your date, talk to him/her, I am sure one would feel bad while they are recollecting things and thinking I could have said this at that moment. Kab tak chup baithe ab to kuch hai bolna, kuch tum bolo, kuch hum bole oh dholna.

  4. Not making your partner comfortable : Boys, this is for you. Best form of chivalry is to ask her whether she is comfortable at the venue, if she is not do not hesitate to leave the place. Try long walk or long drive or always have a Plan B. Mere sang to chal zara, kyu dikhe dara dara..chal tujhko aa chupa lu apni me baaho me…

  5. Annoying gifts :  Who would not like to receive gifts? Before giving him/her out something ensure that it is something he/she likes. Even a flower would suffice. Give out, that is the best way to make someone smile..

  6. Bringing a friend along : This is something people might do so that their nervousness is curbed. Please do not take your friend on your date. If you think your partner would like the surprise. You need to understand its your private time with him/her please do not spoil it.
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  7. Do not be gross: Hiccups and sneezing on the face, scratching your privates, picking your nose when you are in front of your date. A). that’s just gross and B)…that’s really gross (redundancy is intentional).

  8. Checking your cellphone : Yes you have work, we all do but this in no ways give you an excuse to overuse your phone and not prioritize your partner. The greatest gift one can give is one’s undivided attention to the other person. In case there is an emergency ask him/her to excuse you and wind up the call ASAP and apologize for the disturbance. Make him/her happy because everything else can wait. 
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  9. No Future planning, please: I know you are excited but dating should be taken one step at a time. Talking about such things will only make your date feel uncomfortable.

  10. Do not talk only about your problems: Dating is supposed to be fun and a place where you both get to know each other, not your problems. We all have problems and we tend to share them specially with our loved ones. Discussing ONLY your problems would make the date just a problem solving session. There could be some better day for it. 
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  11. Listen to the other one, don’t talk about yourself endlessly : When you endlessly talk about yourself you appear selfish, full of yourself, and unrelatable.

Badi naazuk hai ye manzil mohobat ka safar hai..dhadhak aahista se eh dil..mohobat ka safar hai.

What are you still here? Go get ready. Your perfect date is waiting for you.