Gujarati and Food go hand in hand. Stay with a Gujarati and you won’t stay hungry. When we think of gujarati, the word that comes out naturally is, ” Aapnu Amdavad” (Our Ahmedabad). If you are a food lover, Ahmedabad is a food paradise. There is a restaurant or food stall at every corner in Ahmedabad.funny-food-quotes-14-728 Ahmedabad : 11 Restaurants Serving Lip Smacking Food Food

Here are some of the food destinations you just cannot miss if you are in Ahmedabad :

1) Iscon Ganthiya :

Location: Opposite Karnavati Club, S G Highway, Satellite, Ahmedabad.

Specifications :
Iscon Ganthiya name itself is a good brand in Ahmedabad. When in Ahmedabad, you cannot afford to miss faafda, jalebi and ganthiya. While you get faafda, jalebi and Ganthiya at every street in Ahmedabad, Iscon Ganthiya is the best place in Ahmedabad to have these things.

Iscon Ganthiya is open from 4 am to 10 pm, and it is crowded always.

What to order :
Jalebi, Vanela Ganthiya, faafda. Have these things along with kadhi, lila marcha(fried green chilly), chatni and sambharo (raw papaya). Do not miss the rajwadi chai.

2) Freeze Land :

Location :Ground Floor, Silicon Tower, Behind Samartheshwar Mahadev Mandir, Near Law Garden, C G Road, Ahmedabad.

Specifications :
Freeze Land has multiple outlets in Ahmedabad, however the one mentioned above is the best one. It is quite spacious and it has an awesome ambience.

What to order :
Every item in the menu is delicious. However if you tell me to choose I would choose Grilled BFL Sandwich , Junglee Paneer Club Sandwich , Panini Bombay, Butter Wheat Kulcha Bhaji, Cheese Tropicana Pulav

3) Royal Punjab Parantha :

Location : 13, Antrix Complex. Behind Videocon House, City Centre, Swastik Char Rasta, C G Road, Ahmedabad.

Specifications :
Royal Punjab Parantha serves authentic large sized paranthas. The Paranthas are topped with big cubes of butter which makes it not only eye candy but stomach quenching.

What to order :
Few suggestions would include Special Royal Punjab Garlic Parantha, Aloo Cheese Parantha, Amritsari Garlic Parantha, Mango Lassi, Plain Lassi.

4) Jay Bhavani Vada Pav :Butter-Vada-Pav- Ahmedabad : 11 Restaurants Serving Lip Smacking Food Food

Location : 8 &9, Maradia Plaza, Panchavati, C G Road, Ahmedabad.
It has outlets at various other locations also.

Specifications :
Though a Vada Pav is nothing new for a Mumbaiikar, the preparation style makes Vada Pav here taste different. Vada Pav is Pan Fried in butter. It has its own taste, different from the Vada Pav in Mumbai.

It offers varieties of vada pav, such as Chole Vada Pav, Chinese Vada Pav, Paneer Vada Pav.

What to Order :
Butter Vada Pav and Iced Tea.

5) Deepraj De Kulche :

Location : 16, Dev Aurum Complex, Anand Nagar Cross Road, Prahlad Nagar, Ahmedabad.

Specifications :
This place is a place popular for North Indian cuisines. As the name suggests, its speciality is in the Kulchas.

What to Order :
Everything on the menu is delicious. However, try their varieties of Kulcha and Patiala Lassi.

6) Shree Marutinandan :

Location : 6, Ground Floor, 3rd Eye Two Complex, Panchavati Junction, C G Road, Ahmedabad.

Specifications :

Shree Marutinandan is popular for for its Kathiyawadi food though it serves a list of other food items too. It has an amazing ambience.

What to Order :

Special Marutinandan Dal-Bati, Masala Khichdi, Baingan Bharta, Butter Milk.

Tip :
If you do not like spicy food tell the guy to make the food a little less spicy.

7) Madhur Parlour :

Location : Near Jain Temple Avenue, Dharnidhar Derasar Road, Paldi, Ahmedabad.

Specifications :
Madhur Parlour serves one of the best puffs in the city. 

What to Order :
It is recommended to try all the variety of puffs. However you can start with Cheese Puff, Mexican Puff, Madhur Special Puff.

8) Manek Chowk :

Location : Night Market, Tilak Maidan, Near Manek Nath Mandir, Ahmedabad.

Specifications :
Manek Chowk is not a restaurant. It is a street which is a food hub similar to khau gali in Mumbai. There are various stalls of pav bhaji, dosa, sandwich, ganthiya and what not. Being in Ahmedabad and not eating at Manek Chowk is equivalent to a crime where you are punishing your taste buds.

What to order :
Every item here is delicious. Cheese Chocolate Sandwich, Pineapple Ice-cream Sandwich, Vanela Ganthiya, Gwalior Dosa (Dosa overloaded with butter), Pav Bhaji and kulfi are a must try.

Caution :
The food stalls open only after 8:30 pm.

9) Ame Gujarati :

Location : 169, Sindhu Bhavan Road, Off S G Highway, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad.

Specifications :
As the name suggests, Ame Gujarati is popular for its Gujarati Cuisine. It has an awesome ambience.

What to Order :
Gujarati Thali.

10) Ambica Dalvada and Khiru :

Location : 3, Karma Shresh Tower, Anand Nagar Road, Satellite, Ahmedabad.

Specifications :
Ambica Dalvada and Khiru is a small shop with a few chairs to sit and munch on a hot plate filled with Dal Wadas. Being in Ahmedabad, you cannot afford to miss the Dal Wadas. Dal Wada is a signature food of Gujarat.

What to eat :
Dal Wadas

11) Shree Jay Janta Ice-cream :

Location : Kalatirth Apartment, Near Jain Pernatirth Derasar, Jodhpur Village, Satellite, Ahmedabad.

Specifications :
One of the things that are popular in Gujarat is a Cold Coco. Cold Coco is a type of Chocolate Shake which is thick.

What to Order:
Cold Coco, Coco with Cadbury.

Resident of Ahmedabad let us know other food stalls/ restaurants out there in the comment section.


image source : Zomato