“The real Question of reality is do we live just to die some day

Or we die because we’ve had enough of life?

Is it the revolution that takes over a revolutionary’s sacrifice?

Or you’ll continue to acknowledge greatness only after its demise

Some people live trying to impress where others die an impressive death

All it ends with, is the struggle to shine more with each remaining breath

Nobody values the purity of feelings and emotions, not because they are priceless

But because they are useless

Because you gotta move ahead

Pointless are the tears shed

Never complaining, not ever cribbing

Is the one, who’s winning

Inside, you always know how it is

Outside you made it how it was

The two complete different worlds

Same Inside n Out are just left to be the words

You outgrow your feelings and search for peace

Which is nowhere but within your piece

Keep calm and Be Yourself

And say nothings more tough than i, me and myself

The whole world will always have their own stories to narrate

People are mean, and all their debates, u can surely abate

Nevertheless is your individual stand’

Go, make your own brand

And yes the question of reality will always be the same

Some are living to die

While others have died after living

Make your case different,

Live to stay Awakened and Alive

And Die such a death that you never died..”