It would be a journey of blossoms she assumed with him
but it was only sometimes,
delicate she was, sensitive enough to be hurt with the over burdening agendas each day
tiring although only sometimes,
she grew stronger with the change of seasons
the journey was filled with summer although only sometimes,
her beliefs broke that he would be a spine for her
it happened though only sometimes,
she learnt it was not as it happened in the movies
he could be there but only sometimes,
she agreed that she was growing, learning, suffering, standing difficulties each day
she could however tell him only sometimes,
she assimilated that malaise happen and she has to bear it all but alone
it could be shared even with friends only sometimes,
she perceived progress only when she could resist pain and fake a smile
the world outside is a twinkle only sometimes,
she wished to have everything she had dreamt of, without hurting anyone
however embraced for a breath to be taken, another has to be given out
it would not demand sacrifices only sometimes,
she consents that one good day the agonies would not affect her
they would matter only sometimes,
she loves them, she loves many
but they would reciprocate only sometimes,
they would judge her each moment, put allegations, part ways
however comprehend her mess only sometimes,
the sham in the people would never stop
now she would be fooled only sometimes,
one night when she sees the stars and the Orion’s belt
how she wishes life be as pure and serene as the sky seems
how she wishes the loved one’s depart only sometimes..
when they say ‘forever’..
sometimes and just sometimes
they would mean it..