God is the most beautiful thing!!!
Who said that?
I disagree as I have not seen Him..
I believe He exists in You or how did I meet you?
Silent are you many a times like a grave,
But how do you still manage to scream love for me?
Scanty are your words,
But how do you manage to complete mine?
Childhood were the days of amusement, those stupid games..
How could my milk teeth dare to fall, if not with you?
Your heart pacifies me..
How could I borrow your benevolence you shower on me?
The spine you are for me..
makes me stand erect against evils
How could you manage to be that wall for me?
When it is your birthday today,
This is the most petite appreciation I could give you..
How could my words ever suffice,
For what you are and what you always mean to me?