Flipping through the pages of a piled up book,

Just because the pages couldn’t form a book,

Reason maybe the size of the book,

or because the mother was sick and you had to cook.

For the responsibilities you took,

the pages could not form a book.

Results were out, and it showed ‘FAIL’

For that, you were punished with a ‘JAIL’

The jail was all made of tears, fears and misfortunes.

The fear of not understanding the un-flipped pages which could not make a book.

The tears were for not getting what your friends got,

Stardom, smiles, contentment and of course bigger pockets.

Failures and Imagination continued till ages.

Those pages are still un-flipped,

The result still shows ‘FAIL’

This time ‘quitting’ and ‘depression’ clicked,

Those pages still remain un-flipped.

Quitting and breaking got a start,

From not many but from few circles of the dart,

Learn this way, study this way through charts,

They kept sharing their study plans and art.

The results continued for the third, fifth, seventh, ninth time

Keeping the pages of ‘success’ un – flipped

They tell me ‘You are NOT focused’,

Again the results un – flipped showed a ‘FAIL’

Someday the results will scream ‘You are Pass’

The pages of ‘success’ that day will flip

Till then I keep flipping through the pages which could not form a book,

Every time I flip, I remember to give it a look.

When I have a responsibility as a daughter, sister and a wife to cook!!!!!


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