Mere bina mai rehne laga hu, teri hawa me behne laga hu, jaane mai kaise tera hua hu <3

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The Flashback

A day in the month of September, Adaah and Mehfooz had the first conversation six years back, fortunately not face to face because Mehfooz lived far and all they knew was a common friend.

A small text in a month, maybe just a greeting text. Plainly they had not met, Facebook was new what could be maximum conversation? Talking to a stranger is something we all avoid. Right? Mehfooz never flirts, he is apparently an introvert..Will Adaah break the ice?

Yes, she initiated few conversations when she discussed her problems with him, about her bad relationship. He helped her come out of it in piously. When Adaah did not have problems they never conversed. Almost a year passed, he texted to tell her how he had a sleepless night because his crush got mingled with another guy. Adaah spent hours explaining him (still via texts) it is fine, if he was shy enough to tell her and she is now happy then he has no right to feel worse. Maybe that was the day she oozed his pain and they became ‘friends’

I-Chose-to-be-your-friend THE AFFAIR OF THE HEARTS - HER LUMP OF JAGGERY Love & Life Most Read

Adaah was now on Facebook, she checked his picture for the FIRST time. She did not like his looks, though that did not matter but she thought ‘I cannot date him at least’ 😀 Months flew, texts kept coming..on birthdays he wrote a blissful poem for her. OMG, he is a poet. This was a reunion moment of a poet’s heart with another. They conversed over telephone quite less but whenever they happened to, it went on for more than an hour. He would call up again just to say ‘goodbye’ (thanks to call drops, he is the only one benefited out of this). Cute, he is she felt… She wished they meet someday.

The Meeting

Did they meet? Yes, after two LONG years of knowing each other, with a bunch of friends but she observed him keenly. The tests girls do you know? yes !! She should certainly, After all, she met him for the first time. It was not Bollywood as well, where leaves would fly and songs would be played, this was real life. Mehfooz had very average looks but extra ordinary skills to make her laugh, his expressions are something she can never fail to remember. This meeting where they hardly spoke to each other, however, bonded them in a different way. Adaah now knew what expressions he must be making while she spoke to him over phone calls.

Adaah was in a relationship that was suffering despite her severe attempts to untangle it. Mehfooz was neutral to both of them (Adaah and her Boyfriend) and made them realize that sourness should not hamper their love. He stood by her, he stood by him (Adaah’s BF) when they fought. Who does that? He would be awake entire nights to ensure they were fine or to sort out their sourness. How could Mehfooz be so unalloyed, untainted and pure? he could be..just for a friend he had met once??

Jaisa filmo mein hota tha, ho raha tha rubaroo

In 2014 Mehfooz shifted to her city. When Adaah told him she wanted to breakup (not because she fell for him, that has not happened yet, remember the girl tests?) Mehfooz met them several times so that they could reconsider things. There were occasions when he stood by Adaah and even yelled at Adaah’s BF for being rude/strict on her. He had won Adaah’s heart. Eventually, he was fed up of convincing the couples and told them to listen to their hearts and go ahead. She broke up with her BF.. Did he take advantage of this? That was not him.

The Heart Affair


What was in him that Adaah fell for him? He listened to his heart and went behind it. He cared little what people would say. He was a ‘true’ friend. He did not think twice before leaving his office midway once, just to drop Adaah home late night. He made her love herself such were his poems for her. He was fearless. He made efforts to make her happy, really happy. He had irreproachable soul. He had those sincere eyes that never glanced at her in an indecent way. He was average looking at first sight but he was phenomenal

Adaah was on the path to be his best friend…but met love on the path.

Rab ki nehmat hai teri nigaahe, jisme basti hai uski duaaein, aise nainon ki baaton mein koi kyun na aaye

Did she propose? Did anybody propose?? Was Mehfooz too in love with her?? What happened next?????? Keep waiting!!!