Not always do you need to think that you need someone or other person by your side,to share, to accompany..
This is about those times when you are required to feel the importance of Self Sufficiency
Because ‘There’s Nothing in this World that can ever replace the essence of Self Sufficiency &
Self-Sufficient People are the true Achievers

Since the beginning till the end if there is this one thing that is going to constantly be by your side
& knows the real reasons of who you were as opposed to who you are today is the one hidden within you,
your own soul witnesses it all!!

Because After a few Decades when somebody asks you,
What do you do for your living?
You should be ready with the answer that

‘I live for my living.
I’m not dying each day, not counting down the days left,
Rather Counting up the lives left to be lived again.. And all over again!’

‘For the ones who couldn’t make up to continuously be there besides
& To the long lost relations and the long lost Friendships,
I Envy the times we together had.
But this today has offered me a lot more commitment
that brings me the contentment and way more Self-Sufficiency

In all of us, nobody’s Flawless.
The Story behind is all about how effortlessly we blend our flaws & inferiorities
along with our personality and character
that they go Unnoticed and Unquotable
& then the You as You emerge is the

Untouched and Dignified Version!!!♥