Millions of thoughts and emotions run in my mind every moment,

They are just endless, limitless and boundless  

No doubt it happens to everyone.

There are times when I feel I could be a ‘Pilot’ ,

fly by stars in the immense blue, hug the sky and go against the wind,

wear that alluring uniform, the thought of which makes me insane.

The other time I feel I could play ‘Cricket’ for my Country,

bringing fame to my name and pride to the Nation.

The very next moment I feel I could be an ‘Artist’,

bring light to the creativity that is concealed deep inside me,

run the painting brush on canvas and paint the entire universe,

write ballads, have my own novel, be a dancer and what not.

Thousands of dreams, millions of wishes, trillions of ideas

But just ONE life.

In the due course somewhere, I wish I could just be just,

a ‘Better’ version of ME

Simply pursuing things that I love doing the most,

Indulging in activities that would bring the best out of me,

Perhaps this is what we all should do,

Be the best of our own self…

Search and be a better version of us, each day.

Because Nobody can ever play a part better of us then we, ourselves.

Who knows, someday somewhere someone,

Would want to be just like YOU !!!


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