When life was simpler and days were sweet,
All we could think about was games and treats.
When the rainbows looked brighter and the rains felt soothing.
All we could think of was paper boats and swimming.
When power cuts meant no study,
and stomach ache was just an excuse.
Life felt simpler and sweet indeed.

When we scribbled and doodled and ate under the desk,
All we would worry about was assignments and tests!
When the teachers used to scream and friends made funny faces,
All we could think of was when would the bell ring.
When there was a summer vacation and winter ones too,
All we would do is wait for schools to begin.
When friendship meant forever and ambitions changed every day
Life was much simpler and days were sweet.

How much has life changed or has it indeed?
Or have we just lost the path and just waiting to succeed?
Do we just not make life complicated?
When it’s still easy and same.
Friendship will still be forever and I will still love the rain.
Wake up and look out, feel the child inside
Life is still simple and days will be sweet.